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Let’s face it – not all staffing firms are created equal. That’s why when it comes time to enlist the help of a temp agency  – you should pick one suited for your unique needs.

As a job seeker, check these five things off your list when choosing a staffing agency to work with: 

They have openings in your field of interest

There are many staffing firms to choose from, so choose one with expertise in your field! If you’re in search of clerical work – choosing an agency specializing in industrial positions probably won’t pay off for you in the long run. Double-check with your agency before coming in for an interview to make sure you’re both on the same page. 

They don’t charge for their services

Never sign with a staffing firm that asks you to pay for job placement. Reputable staffing firms don’t charge job seekers for their services.

Fun Fact:  Reliable agencies charge the employer for their services, not the job seekers. Curious about other staffing agency myths? Head here. 

They offer the option to be hired-in

If you’re looking for long-term work, choose an agency with temp-to-hire opportunities. This means there’s a greater chance you can be hired in permanently with good work performance and attendance. 

Fun Fact: In addition to temp-to-hire, WSI also offers direct hire opportunities when available. 

They offer benefits

Weekly pay, Medical benefits, vacation days, etc. These are all benefits you should look for in your job search. 

Fun Fact: WSI offers all of these! 

Applying is a cinch. 

Besides the guidance, coaching, and connections working with an agency comes with, a streamlined process is one of their biggest advantages. Your agency should be doing everything in their power to make the process fast, easy, and relatively painless. Ask your Staffing Coordinator what the process will look like beforehand to ensure you’re prepared for the next steps. 

Choosing a staffing agency isn’t rocket science, but it’s a smart idea to give it some thought. 

Any questions about what WSI offers? Head here.

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