“It just feels different.” We hear this from our clients time and time again who have worked with other staffing firms in the past.  What makes us different than other staffing agencies is our purpose-driven strategy for recruiting and managing their temporary workforce.

If you’re currently using a staffing agency to fulfill your temp staffing needs, ask yourself if they are accomplishing these five things:

1.Strengthening Your Brand
How are they establishing you as an employer of choice in today’s tight labor market?

2. Attracting Qualified Talent
What methods are they using to reach candidates outside of job boards? Are they fishing in red waters or blue waters?

3. Increasing Fill Rates
Are they consistently meeting your needs (even with short notice), or is it hit or miss? Take a look at your financials: are your overtime costs decreasing while output increases? How are their results affecting employee morale?

4. Consistently Communicating
We often hear that other staffing agencies are lacking when it comes to communication. Are they regularly providing updates, feedback, insights, and data on a regular basis?

5. Improving Retention
We strongly believe that relationships = retention. We’ve found that WSI Account Managers who are frequently onsite, building relationships with associates and supervisors, improves retention as much as 50%.


WSI is a purpose-driven staffing and recruitment firm that helps employers strengthen their brand to positively impact the staffing candidate pool.


We’d love to share some strategies that have worked well for our clients and could work for you, too.