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10 Activities to Do After Work

WSI Staffing Blog - 10 Activities to Do After Work

Some people have developed a habit of flopping on the couch after work to binge-watch their favorite Netflix series while eating dinner at the coffee table until it’s time to go to bed. (It’s us – we’re some people.) As it turns out, the most productive people have unique strategies to rest and recharge after a long day of work. Here are a few things you can do after work to go from being “some people” to “productive people”: 


Avoid turning on the TV. It’s time to tackle that stack of books or magazines that’s been on your nightstand for weeks…or months. Catch up on your favorite blog or news website. Peruse your local news stories.


Grab a friend, family member (or dog) and head to the park. Go for a walk. Ride your bike. After all, playtime isn’t only reserved for children. 

Try a New Recipe

Been dying to make that new pasta recipe you saw on Pinterest? Riveted by the mouthwatering macaroni and cheese video Tastemade posted? Pick up the ingredients on your way home, blast your favorite music, and get to work in the kitchen! 

Start a Hobby

Whether it’s gardening, woodworking, or that goat yoga class you’ve been wanting to try – go for it! There’s no time like the present.

Get Outside

Chances are, you’re inside for most of your day. Get out and enjoy some sunshine and fresh air. You don’t have to go far- even if it means sipping your favorite drink on the front porch.


Maybe you love animals – animal shelters are always looking for volunteers. Maybe senior citizens are your cup of tea – there are ample opportunities to volunteer at retirement centers and nursing homes. Love kids? Become a mentor or donate time to your local children’s hospital. Whatever your jam, pick an organization that aligns with your passions and set aside time to contribute to them. It doesn’t have to be every day or every week, but whenever you’re feeling up to it.


Get out a notebook and start writing. Unclog your brain by writing down things you’re grateful for, things you’re worried about, or anything else that comes to mind. Journaling is a great way to recharge!

Finish a DIY Project

Is there a project around your home you’ve been wanting to finish? Stop putting it off and get to it! Make it fun by playing your favorite music or inviting a friend over to help. You’ll feel so satisfied when you’re finished.

Pamper Yourself

Whether it’s taking a long shower/bath, using a new facemask, indulging in a bag of M&Ms, or working out to your favorite music, spoil yourself a little. 

Listen to a Podcast

Podcasts are a great way to relax while learning about something you’re interested in. (Here’s a list of the top 10 podcasts right now: https://jamesclear.com/podcasts/top

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