Case Studies

National Tax Service Provider​

On-site at a national tax service provider, WSI adeptly handled it all—from recruiting, screening, and hiring to managing performance.


  • Decreased attrition from 39.4% to 9.4% in their Kansas City Call Center.
  • Customer satisfaction scores increased by 11%, due to WSI’s engaged workforce as verified by customer satisfaction surveys.
  • By year three, 1,000 of WSI’s talented agents had been hired in.

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Marketing & Supply Chain Management

Our client, which offers comprehensive in-house marketing services and supply chain management solutions, had an immediate need for a talented contingent workforce of up to 600 people for short-term assignments to maintain its high level of performance and excellence.

  • Employee engagement as evaluated by continued employment increased by 70%
  • On the job injury reports decreased by 50%
  • Attrition rates decreased by 40%

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WSI Case Studies | Food Manufacturer

National Food Manufacturer

A lower turnover rate was achieved through a highly skilled workforce provided by WSI’s 24-hour on-site service.

  • Increased schedule adherence by 13%.
  • Lowered costs of overtime and double time by 20%, and reduced compliance issues.
  • Assisted with future sourcing, selection, and retention of a high volume of employees. Developed formal onboarding, mentorship, and performance-management programs. 

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Third-Party Logistics Company

This international company was opening a new facility in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and needed to build a team from the ground up with a partner who understood the key components of their business: talent, skill, and culture.

  • Successful staffing ramp-up in less than 30 days, allowing client to meet contract terms and customer needs
  • Labor costs, overtime, and product defects were significantly lower than past facility start-ups
  • Start-up turnover rate of less than 10%

Download the entire case study here

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