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Looking for a new job in Kalamazoo, MI? You’ve come to the right place! WSI has temp jobs in manufacturing, light industrial, production, and distribution. Apply for a job below, or submit your information to be considered for new roles.

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3497 S. 9th Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49009


8 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday


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Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you as soon as we can. If you have an after-hours work emergency, please call the Kalamazoo office at (269) 488-5100 to leave a message with our answering service.

    Meet the WSI Kalamazoo Staffing Team

    Dani Mullins

    Branch Manager Kalamazoo

    Lindsey Grassnick

    Account Manager

    Taylor Johnson

    Account Manager

    Michaela Scholte

    Account Manager

    Nicholas Powers

    Account Manager

    Connie Paré

    Account Manager

    Ashley Watson

    Front Office Administrator

    Tallia Powell

    Front Office Administrator

    Kelsey Kalandyk

    Account Manager

    CR Team

    John Johnstone | Senior Account Manager | WSI Staffing | Recruiting

    John Johnstone

    Manager, Centralized Recruitment

    Katie Black

    Talent Agent

    Jessica West

    Talent Agent

    Stephen Konecny

    Talent Agent

    Professional Team

    Sara Blow

    Vice President Talent Acquisition

    Kristin Wilcox

    Senior Talent Strategist

    Jordan Terry

    Recruiting Lead

    Lavette Dice

    Lead Recruiter

    Danielle Sheeran

    Lead Recruiter

    Alex Warner


    Courtney Hashman

    Recruiting Support Specialist

    Team Payroll

    Tracie Petrick | HR | Payroll | WSI Staffing, Talent

    Tracie Petrick

    HR & Payroll Manager

    Cheri Weems

    Assistant Controller

    Brenda Danielczuk

    Sr. Payroll Administrator

    Nichelle Carter

    Sr. Payroll Administrator
    Brent Rogers

    Brent Rogers

    Payroll Coordinator

    Amanda Heath

    Payroll Coordinator

    Jessie Evink

    Administrative Assistant | HR, Finance, and Payroll

    Team Marketing

    Jamie Woodburn

    Marketing Manager

    Bill Fahl

    Marketing Specialist

    Cori Ivens

    Digital Marketing Specialist