Temporary and
Contract Staffing

Curious about purpose-driven recruitment and how it can impact your company’s ever-changing staffing needs?
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“People just don't want to work."​

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Finding (and keeping) reliable temporary workers in a tight labor market is incredibly frustrating. Many companies who rely on staffing services to fulfill their workforce needs often tell us that there just aren’t any good workers out there. When they do find workers, they often leave within the first seven days.

What we’ve found is:

  • When you step away from relying on job boards and the quantity of applicants, and instead adopt a purpose-driven recruitment approach, the quality of candidates improves as much as 40%
  • When you build relationships with associates and their supervisors, retention increases as much as 50%
  • Strengthening your employer brand attracts qualified talent

“It just feels different.”

We hear this over and over from our clients who have worked with other staffing and recruiting firms in the past, and the reason is simple: it’s our comprehensive, purpose-driven strategy to managing their contingent and professional workforce. From market research and business alignment to employee assessment, selection, and retention, our strategic solutions make all the difference.

It’s not what we do that differentiates us from other staffing firms, it’s how we do it. By leveraging our in-house marketing team for creative and innovative branding and recruiting tactics, we can attract, engage, and excite the right candidates for you. 

Become an employer of choice in today's tight labor market.

WSI is a staffing and recruiting firm that helps companies strengthen their employer brand to attract qualified talent, increase productivity, and boost retention. Step away from the job boards, which are saturated with the same candidates your competitors are vying for, and step into a whole new world.

Here’s what employers of choice enjoy:

100% increase in employer brand recognition. The result? Better candidate flow and quality.
40% increase in fill rates. The result? Increased productivity.
50% increase in retention. The result? Lower turnover-related costs.

And one final stat that we’d like to throw in: WSI is one of the top 2% of staffing firms in the nation and have been for the last 5 years. This award is based entirely on our client reviews. So what does this mean for our client partners? They get superior service 100% of the time.