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Steve Beebe | Vice President | WSI Staffing, Talent

Steve Beebe

Chief Operating Officer

Markets served: Michigan | Indiana

For more than 25 years, Steve has been helping companies develop customized solutions for a range of needs including revamping marketing and branding programs, generating communication improvement plans and creating employee engagement and retention initiatives.

Ben Cok

Director of Business Development

Markets served: Grand Rapids

For nearly a decade, Ben has been helping clients capitalize on opportunities for growth and increase profitability. He’s driven to create win-win situations that strengthen his clients’ teams and improve associates’ lives. With strong community values, Ben’s consultative nature helps him develop long-lasting relationships and deliver tailored solutions to meet each client’s unique needs.

Casey Centner

Director of Business Development

Markets served: Holland/Lakeshore

Casey advances our mission to forge lasting employment connections, focusing on job retention with distinctive, tailored solutions. She excels in linking clients with exceptional talent, advocating for durable staffing strategies that bolster retention and address employer needs. Embodying the Lakeshore’s principles of community and resilience, her passion for meaningful connections results in providing clients with dedicated, long-term team members, underscoring her invaluable role in our team.

Rick Robinson

Director of Business Development

Market served: Metro Detroit

Rick brings extensive automotive experience to foster impactful partnerships. He’s dedicated to understanding and addressing the unique needs of businesses, developing customized staffing solutions for sustainable success. Deeply rooted in Detroit, Rick’s commitment enriches both the local community and the manufacturing industry’s ongoing growth and development.

Steve Danner

Director of Business Development

Market served: Metro Detroit

Steve excels in transforming staffing strategies for businesses. His innovative approach emphasizes employer branding, effective communication, and candidate retention. Steve’s commitment to creating synergistic environments fosters client growth and team strength. His expertise and local knowledge are vital in helping businesses build lasting, successful teams.

Ashley Clabaugh, CSP

Business Development Manager

Market served: Sturgis and South Central Michigan/Northern Indiana

Ashley Clabaugh, a cornerstone of our Business Development team, blends her Northern Indiana heritage with expertise in account management, sales, and recruitment. Her strategic, detail-oriented approach ensures tailored, effective solutions for client success. Ashley’s passion for relationship building and continuous improvement makes her a pivotal partner in achieving and surpassing business goals