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Critical Tips for Getting Into Your Next Management Role

Obtaining a management position is all about attitude and willingness to do more than what’s in your job description. Managers handle external relationships, budgets, contracts, negotiations, goal-setting, difficult conversations, and managing teams. Aside from being a master of communication, you need to be the one going above and beyond to move up. Here are a few critical tips to make sure you reach a management role.

Make a development plan

Managers need to be great planners anyway, so let the practice begin! Find out what managers do, watch the ones around you closely, and ask questions. Read books on leadership and management and research management job descriptions. Know what requirements your company looks for and what gaps you have on your resume. Is there any additional training you need?

Develop people skills

Learn how people think, react, and function when challenged or incentivized with rewards or other outside forces. Respect people and learn how to work with them, not forcing them to do things.

Look to impress

Work with your manager to identify areas where you can expand your responsibilities. Be on the lookout for projects and tasks that will get you noticed by higher-ups in other parts of the company. Management is best learned by doing, so start taking on small management opportunities whenever you can.

Show initiative

Volunteer to help your boss in any way you can without letting your current job suffer. Be a problem solver. Be proactive and express interest in a management role. Even if you don’t get it right away, they can at least keep you in mind the next time a position opens up.

Understand the whole company

Don’t limit what you know and do to simplify your role. Volunteer to help your boss prepare the budget or collect necessary information. Offer to help so you can learn what other departments do, what could be done more efficiently, and about the company’s overall health. The more you know and understand how the company functions, the better prepared you’ll be to make decisions about it—or at least answer questions about it in an interview!

Tailor your resume

You might need to completely rewrite your resume to tailor it to a role with additional responsibilities. Highlight your professional training, qualifications, and achievements. Include instances where your role has been expanded into additional responsibilities. Use numbers whenever possible to quantify your achievements

Nail your interview

Show off your communication and people skills with handshakes, smiles, and professional, considerate responses! Managers have to be experienced, so you’ll probably be asked about past situations. Expect questions about when you’ve delegated work, made unpopular decisions and managed people, projects, or budgets.

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