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Helpful Resources to Keep on Your Radar


Life is known to throw us a few curveballs (or twenty). During those times, it’s beneficial to know what resources are at your disposal. WSI has researched a few helpful programs to keep on your radar for when life decides to, well, happen. 

For when you have a horrible toothache and no dental insurance:

My Community Dental Centers (https://www.mydental.org/

My Community Dental Centers (MCDC) is a nonprofit organization that provides dental services to uninsured residents. Through MCDC’s MyDental Plan, funds are available to contribute to the cost of dental care on a sliding scale based on a patient’s income. Their services include checkups for adults and children, as well as cleanings and oral surgeries. To find an MCDC center near you, head to their website and type in your zip code. 

For when there’s too much month left at the end of your money:

No Kid Hungry (https://www.nokidhungry.org/)

For millions of children, summer is the hungriest time of year. No Kid Hungry knows this and is providing free meals to children during the summer months. To find a location in your neighborhood, text ‘FOOD’ to 877-877. They also have programs during the school year, which include free breakfast, lunch, and afterschool snacks. Head here to learn more! 

For when your child could use another person to look up to (because there can never be too many):

Big Brothers Big Sisters (https://www.bbbs.org/programs/)

You’ve probably heard of it, right? And for good reason! The Big Brothers Big Sisters program matches a child with a mentor who has the potential to start them down a path to an even brighter, more promising future.

 A study found that children enrolled in the program:

  • Are more confident
  • Are more likely to steer clear of drugs and alcohol
  • Do better in school
  • Get along better with family and friends
  • Feel better about themselves

To enroll your child(ren), head to https://www.bbbs.org/enroll-a-child/

At WSI, our purpose is to help others live their best lives – in and out of the workplace. We understand the vital importance of community resources to help navigate life’s curveballs.

For more available resources, check out:

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