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rapid! PayCard: A Direct Deposit Alternative

“So…how do I get paid?”

It’s probably one of the most asked questions we hear on a daily basis from our eager new employees. The days of paper checks are gone and getting paid is now more simple than ever. WSI associates have the option of being paid via direct deposit to their bank account or a rapid! PayCard.

The rapid! PayCard is an easy and safe alternative for direct deposit. You’ll be paid directly through your card and can use it to make purchases, pay bills, and even get cash from ATMs. If you change jobs down the road, you can also continue to use the card through your next employer and you can change from your payment method to direct deposit at any time.

How Do I Get Started with My Card?

Your WSI staffing coordinator will issue your pay card in the office before your first day of employment. Once activated, you’ll be able to use it immediately. Funds will be automatically loaded onto your card every payday.

You have three simple options to activate your rapid! PayCard.

  1. Download the free app – rapid!Access (available on both Apple and Android) 
  2. Log onto
  3. Call Cardholder Services at (888) 727-4314. 

Where Can I Use My Card?

You can use your rapid! Payard anywhere that accepts MasterCard. You can make purchases in-person or online, withdraw cash from AllPoint and MoneyPass ATMs, transfer funds to a traditional bank account, set up an interest-bearing savings account, order additional companion cards for family and friends at no charge, and receive cash back with the Cash Back Rewards program. 

(Pro tip: When pumping gas, it’s best practice to prepay with the cashier inside. If you choose to pay at the pump, some gas stations may put a hold of $100 on your card that can last up to 24 hours.)

How Do I Check My Balance?

There are several convenient ways to check your account balance. You can log into the rapid!Access app, visit the rapid! Pay website, or call (888) 727-4314 to use the automated system or speak to a customer service representative. 

What Should I Do if My Card is Lost or Stolen?

It happens to the best of us. But you’ll have peace of mind knowing your money is protected and you aren’t responsible for unauthorized transactions thanks to MasterCard’s Zero Liability Policy. If your card is lost or stolen, just call 1-877-380-0980 to inform a representative and request a new one. 

But don’t take our word for it, check out these real user testimonies. 

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