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What to Bring to an Interview to Be Prepared

Here’s the thing: interviews are stressful, no matter who you are and no matter what role you’re vying for. Will you make a good impression? What if you totally bomb? And perhaps the most horrifying: Did I forget to put on deodorant this morning? But fear not – interviewers know how nerve-wracking interviews can be and will cut you some slack (we’re all human, after all). It still goes without saying that the more prepared for an interview you are, the better you’ll do. If you’re confident, knowing you’ve done your homework and have everything you need, you’ll shine throughout the whole interview. Here’s what you need to bring.

Directions and contact information

Know where you’re going and who you’re meeting with. Look up directions before you leave your house and make sure you leave early enough so that you won’t just be on time—you’ll be early. If you’re running late or get lost, give your contact a quick call. Most interviewers will be understanding and would appreciate the heads up rather than thinking you’re not going to show up at all.

Extra resumes and references

Briefcase, man purse, backpack, laptop bag, a folder – whatever your preference, bring something to keep important paperwork. You’ll look smart, organized, and prepared. In it, keep extra copies of your resume, references, and cover letter. You may have already sent it, but sometimes an extra interviewer pops in and hasn’t yet seen your information. Save them the hassle of reading your resume over someone’s shoulder and whip out an extra copy for their own viewing pleasure. You may also receive some paperwork from the interviewer, so having a place to stash it will be convenient as well.

Two Forms of Identification

At WSI, you’ll need two forms of ID to complete a job application, so be sure to bring them with you. Think: driver’s license, passport, student ID. (For a full list of acceptable documents, click here.)

Bank Information

WSI offers two options for weekly paychecks – a cash card that can be used like a debit card, or bank direct deposit. If you want funds deposited into your bank account, bring a voided personal check or a deposit slip from your financial institution that contains routing and transit information.

The intangibles

Start thinking about your answers and practice them out loud so you’ll sound confident. Rehearse responses to more traditional questions, like a summary of your work experience, your skill set, what you enjoy and don’t enjoy doing, and what you’d eventually like to be doing.

Then make a list of questions to ask about the company you’ll be working for: How do they define and measure success? Will they provide any training? How do managers provide feedback to employees? Who is my main contact at WSI if I have any questions?

Dress for success

While it’s true that many of the staffing jobs we offer are in manufacturing where jeans and t-shirts are part of the daily work uniform, presenting a clean and polished image during your interview really sets you apart. We won’t expect you to show up in a suit and tie or a pencil skirt, but if you choose to wear jeans, choose the pair that doesn’t have stains or holes. Your shirt shouldn’t be as wrinkly as a crumpled piece of paper or smell of last night’s fish fry dinner. Check your shoes for mud or trailing toilet paper (hey, it happens). The more put together you appear, the more you convey how serious you are about finding a job.

Some Don’ts

Limit distractions by turning off your phone and leaving it out of sight during your interview. Don’t chew gum or bring your mid-morning snack with you into the interview session. Don’t forget to wear deodorant. And most of all – try not to stress! One thing WSI is known for is our friendly and easy-going staff and they make the process as painless as possible.

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