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How We’re Making Your Job Search Easier

If you’re feeling like your job search is an endless drain of time and energy as you fire off your resume from one black hole to another without hearing back from anyone, this blog post is for you. Because while technology is pretty great and allows for you to pretty much do anything on your phone or from your laptop, when it comes to searching and applying for jobs, it can also be pretty frustrating.

For many, it feels like dealing with a robot from cyber space – one who has zero personal skills and can’t even be bothered to send a confirmation email that your application has been received – and all contact is lost once you hit the send button.

The WSI staffing teams are committed to making sure that you have a completely different experience when it comes to finding a job. Here’s how we can help make your job search easier:

Break Through and Get Noticed

It’s not like there aren’t enough jobs out there – a quick search on Indeed can usually yield many opportunities. Rather, it’s as if you get lost in cyberspace once you do apply. While it’s true that some companies rely on automatic filters and don’t even view qualified applicants because they’re missing a skill keyword on their resume, WSI’s staffing teams personally review each resume that’s submitted and follow up with a phone call or email.

Greater Access To Unlisted Jobs

It’s not uncommon for staffing agencies to only list a portion of available jobs online. The reasons can vary – from the cost per post on paid sites to the quick and ever-changing needs of companies that are hiring – but staffing agencies offer greater access to more positions for job seekers.

Additionally, companies often use staffing agencies exclusively for all new employees. Meaning, if you were to walk into a company from the street and ask to fill out an employment application, they will either direct you to their staffing agency partner or forward your completed application to them to complete the process.

We Play Matchmaker

We can’t guarantee a job for every candidate, but you can be sure that if you apply through WSI, someone on our staffing team will be reaching out quickly to learn more about you and the type of job you’re looking for.

From those meetings, we’ll be able to match your skills and talents with jobs that you’re most qualified for from our network of companies that are hiring.  If we’re unable to find you employment, we’ll provide resources that may help you figure out next steps.

It’s Personal

Job searching in this digital age can feel so automated and impersonal. But at WSI, we make it personal because we want people to succeed. We understand that each applicant has different skills and qualifications, not to mention different personalities and goals. Our staffing team has your best interests at heart and will work hard to find a job where you’ll thrive, coach you through the trial period, and be your biggest cheerleader along the way.

Check out our reviews to hear how we made the process fun, friendly, and easy for countless other job seekers. Just Google “WSI + [city]” to view each office’s reviews.

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