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We get it. While DENSO is a highly-recognized employer in the Battle Creek and surrounding communities, it hasn’t always had the best reputation for temporary employees looking for a foot in the door of the worldwide company. We’ve heard your feedback: low pay, working insane amounts of required overtime, no life outside of work, you’ll never get hired in, etc.

But, DENSO has changed. Give them the chance to prove it. If you’ve worked at DENSO before, we encourage you to reconsider coming back. If you’ve avoided them in the past due to what you’ve heard from others, we encourage you to apply and see for yourself. Everyone benefits from the changes made that are outlined below.

Starting Pay Increases

DENSO has increased starting pay rates for all temporary associates to be more competitive among job seekers in the Battle Creek and Kalamazoo area.

Get Hired-In After 90 Days

Gone are the days of working as a permanent temporary employee. WSI and DENSO follow a "temp-to-hire" model that allows temporary associates eligibility for hire after just 90 days.


Get Your GED

DENSO has an internal program that will help those seeking their GED achieve that goal!

Shift Premium Increases

In addition to regular pay increases, DENSO has increased the pay premium for 2nd and 3rd shift workers.

THC Drug Screen

DENSO no longer requires pre-employment testing for THC.

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