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Staffing Candidates

Now Hiring: Local Jobs Available!

Whether you’re a new visitor, current associate, or simply want to browse the current list of jobs, we’re glad you’re here!

WSI helps staffing candidates find entry-level temporary, seasonal, and temp-to-hire jobs. Typically jobs in manufacturing, light industrial, heavy equipment operation, housekeeping, and hospitality in or near Kalamazoo, Michigan are available.

(Subsequently, if you have an advanced degree or certificate/specialized training and are looking for a higher-level professional role, head on over to our Professional Candidates page.)

What To Expect

As a staffing candidate, you’ll begin your relationship with WSI by signing up at My WSI. A staffing coordinator will contact you for a personal one-on-one interview. Previous work experience, strengths and talents will be evaluated to determine which available jobs are the best fit.

What Success Looks Like

WSI wants to ensure your success! That doesn’t stop once you’ve been given an assignment. Therefore, reliable attendance, flexibility, positive attitude and strong work ethic are what sets you apart from others. In the long run, this significantly increases your chances of getting hired in permanently. It’s the ultimate goal for all WSI associates whenever possible.

WSI Reviews

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