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5 Most Effective Tips on Being Hired In

Many of WSI’s positions come with the possibility of being hired through our clients. There are many factors that determine whether or not you (an associate) will be hired in, but to make it easier we asked our staffing coordinators for their advice. Here are the top 5 most effective tips to help you get hired in permanently:


This. Is. Huge. The companies you’re working through want to know you’re reliable. If you’re calling in frequently or pulling what we call a  “no-call-no-show”, this doesn’t show your supervisor that you’re committed. Additionally, your coworkers are counting on you to show up as well. Emergencies happen, but make sure you’re using the correct call-in procedure. If you’re ever unsure, check with your staffing coordinator for more details. When in doubt, call for clarity.

Communication with Supervisor and Coordinator

You know the phrase, “Communication is Key?” This is one of our favorite mottos (we’re thinking about making t-shirts). When your coordinator or supervisor reaches out to you, be as responsive as possible! If your phone number changes – let us know. If you are having issues at work – let us know. Anything work related – Let. Us. Know. Everyone at WSI is rooting for your success and will do whatever they can to help.

Be Open to Learning New Skills

Show that you’re willing to learn and want to be hired in. Instead of being reluctant to take on tasks that are new or not necessarily in your job description, take this opportunity to prove yourself as a teachable team member. It not only makes you a well-rounded employee, but it shows your supervisor they can rely on you to take on challenges with a smile.

Be a Team Player

Nothing is more impressive than someone who is able to work in a team environment. One of the best ways to be an effective team player is to respectfully consider the viewpoints and ideas of other people. When you hear someone saying something you don’t initially agree with, keep from interrupting and don’t let your mind prepare any counter remarks. Always remember: You don’t have to attend every argument you’re invited to.

Work Performance

It seems obvious, but work performance is so important to being hired in that we couldn’t leave it off the list. Just keep in mind that your performance as a temporary employee is an indicator of how you’ll perform as a permanent employee. Stay focused, stay motivated, and stay strong.

With all of that being said, the ability to be hired in varies from company to company. If at any time you’re questioning what else you could be doing to get hired in, don’t be afraid to ask your staffing coordinator.

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