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Acknowledging a Gap in Work History

Gaps in work history happen, we get it. Explaining why you have these gaps can be intimidating during a job interview, and it’s important to know how to do it without raising any red flags. Here’s how to acknowledge them with your WSI recruiter:

If You Were Laid Off

It can be embarrassing to talk about losing your job, but it’s common and happens frequently. Focus on coming up with a positive response to show your staffing coordinator that you’re not one to hold grudges.


“Unfortunately, I lost my job due to budget cuts. Although my time was cut short, I’m thankful for what I learned while I was there.”

If You Took Care of Your Family

Whether it was raising your children or caring for a sick family member, these are tough yet common jobs that don’t reflect poorly on you. Make it clear that you’re ready to return to work, and emphasize how you stayed sharp during your time away.


“During that time, my family was my top priority. I was able to learn many soft skills during this time, such as multitasking, collaboration, and negotiation. I’m now ready to focus on my career while implementing what I’ve learned.“

If You Had Health Concerns

When explaining this to your staffing coordinator, they don’t expect you to go into detail. Just be prepared to give a straightforward explanation that you’re comfortable sharing.


“I was at a place mentally/physically where I needed to concentrate on my health due to (insert reason here). This was a huge obstacle for me, but I’m happy to be in a place where I can focus on my career 100%.”

If You Were Looking for the Right Opportunity

Perhaps you were searching for a new job, but couldn’t find one that worked for you. Be positive. Avoid saying things like, “Well I was looking but no one would hire me.”


“I wanted to make sure the next position I accepted would be long term, therefore I was selective in my job search and waited for the right fit.”

Life happens, and WSI recognizes that. Be upfront and honest, and hopefully your gap will be a thing of the past.

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