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WSI Blog - 7 easy fixes for resume

7 Easy Fixes for Your Resume

In last week’s blog, we gave you 50 action verbs to spice up your resume. This week we’re continuing the resume trend by giving you 7 easy ways to improve your resume right now. Let’s get started, shall we? 

Delete the resume objective

The objective takes up valuable space on your resume – space that could better be used for details about your previous positions. Use the extra whitespace to list your accomplishments or better yet, explain why your abilities cater to the role you’re applying for. 

For example, in the first resume below you’ll see an objective (highlighted in red). In the second resume I’ve taken out the objective and it made space for double the amount of experience (highlighted in green).

Resume Fixes

Resume Fixes

Don’t make it personal

Your birthdate, marital status, religion, etc. aren’t necessary. It’s actually illegal for employers to consider these details when making a hiring decision.

Shorten bullet points

One of the most important factors of an appealing resume is that it’s easy to read. The best way to accomplish that is to shorten paragraphs of text to bulleted lists. We recommend having no more than 6-7 bullet points per position to keep it short, sweet, and to the point. 

Resume Fixes      Resume Fixes

Keep it up to date

Make sure all the experience on your resume is updated. Don’t forget to include any training you’ve completed, new skills you’ve learned, or any volunteer work you’ve been a part of. 

Double check contact info

There’s nothing worse than not getting a job because we couldn’t get in touch with you. If your email or phone number has changed – update it. 

Look at the big picture

Take a minute to look at the narrative of your resume. What does it say about you? For example, if you’re looking to get into a factory position, do your bullet points tell the recruiter why you would be a good fit for those positions? If you’re trying to get away from factory work, does your resume highlight organization and leadership skills that could be put to good use in a different role? Try giving your resume to someone you know and get their feedback.

Remove “References Available Upon Request”

Once again, this takes up precious space on your resume. Take it off and fill it with other details about you. (Plus, if we need references, we’ll ask!)

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