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WSI Blog - How to cope with interview anxiety

How to Cope with Interview Anxiety

Nerves – they get the best of us sometimes. Being in the staffing industry, it’s WSI’s goal to make sure you feel at ease during the interview process, but unfortunately, can’t be with you while you prepare for the interview process. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you reduce your interview anxiety before setting foot in our office: 

Plan Ahead

Being prepared is by far the best way to get over your interview anxiety. Map out your commute, set aside your outfit, and head here to read 6 of the most common interview questions (and how to respond). It’s also never a bad idea to do some research about the types of positions we offer either! Doing so not only lets your WSI staffing coordinator know that you’re committed, but it allows you to focus on what you’re looking for during the interview. 

Listen to Music

Try listening to some jams before your interview. Some people like to listen to calming music, while others enjoy listening to music that pumps them up. Whatever the case may be, it’s a great way for you to get rid of those pre-interview jitters. (Try this pre-interview playlist on Spotify:

Laugh a Little 

As we all know, laughter is the best medicine. When we laugh our brain releases endorphins, causing us to feel better. If you’re feeling a bit anxious in the hours leading to your interview, try watching a funny movie, listening to your favorite comedian, or visiting with one of your funniest friends. 

Say “No” to Caffeine

So, you usually rely on a cup of coffee in the morning. (Don’t we all?) However, on the day of your interview try nixing the caffeine. Drinking caffeine while you’re already nervous can amp up your adrenaline, making you more jittery than you were in the first place. Just make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before!

There you have it folks, 4 easy tricks that will leave you feeling at ease the moments leading up to your interview with WSI. 

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