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How to Dress for a WSI Interview

At WSI, we like to keep things casual. When it comes time to interview, we want you to feel confident in whatever outfit you choose. That being said, we do get many questions from applicants about what they should wear when coming into the office.

To make things easy, we’ve outlined a few general rules of thumb of what to wear for an interview with WSI.


  • Khakis/Jeans

We’re a-okay with khakis and jeans. When deciding between your favorite distressed jeans with perfectly-placed-holes and your plain ol’ blue jeans, we suggest choosing the pair without holes (though it won’t count against you if your jeans are holey).

  • Nice Shoes

We’ve never met a shoe we didn’t like (except for the ones that rhyme with Shrocs). However, when it comes time to interview, we recommend sticking to close-toed shoes. 

  • A Neat Shirt

Leave the tank tops for the beach! Basically, any button-down, sweater, or blouse is your best bet when it comes to proper interview-wear. 

  • Reading Glasses (if applicable) 

Not only will you need to fill out paperwork, but some of our clients require eye tests. Avoid the headache that comes from straining and squinting and remember to wear your contacts or glasses. 

  • A Smile

Nerves get the best of us sometimes, but nothing says “I’ve got this” like a confident smile. 


  • Suits

No need to borrow or buy a suit! As we mentioned before, we like to keep it casual around here. Because we staff for manufacturing and industrial work environments, you won’t be working in a suit, so why interview in one?

  • Sunglasses

Although we recommend wearing sunglasses on your way to WSI, don’t forget to take them off during the actual interview. This isn’t the World Championship Poker tournament, after all. Trying to ask important questions and not being able to see your eyes is just…awkward. 

In conclusion, we’re not the fashion police – we’re in the business of putting qualified people to work. Throw on your favorite casual outfit, head to our office, and present your best self. We can’t wait to meet you!

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