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WSI Staffing Blog - 5 ways to enjoy referral bonus

5 Ways to Enjoy Your Referral Bonus

Referral Bonus

/rəˈfərəl/ /ˈbōnəs/


An easy way to make $100 dollars. 

It’s a simple concept and one of our favorites here at WSI – refer a friend, get $100. 

If you have a friend who would be a good fit for our positions – have them apply! If hired, once they hit 80 working hours you’ll receive $100 – all they have to do is fill out a referral card when they apply. 


Can I refer a friend if I don’t work for WSI?

Yes! Anyone is eligible for the bonus, even if you’re not employed through WSI what-so-ever. 

How do I receive the $100?

If you’re hired-in through our clients or not working for WSI, you’ll receive the $100 through a gift card. If you’re on WSI payroll, you’ll receive the $100 in your paycheck. 

Do I have to keep track of my referrals’ hours?

Nope! We’ll reach out to you once your referral reaches 80 hours to make sure you get paid. 

Is there a limit to how many referrals I can submit?

Nope! Submit as many referrals as you want. 

So, what could you do with that extra cash? Don’t worry, we’ve made a list for you. 






Easiest $100 ever made. To print a referral card, head here.

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