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A Guide to Staying Motivated

WSI Blog - A guide to staying motivated

Everyone has those days, or maybe even weeks. (Dare we say, months?) Anyways, everyone has those periods in life where they feel a little…unmotivated. Here are a few ways to improve your stale routine: 

Make a To-Do List (and follow it religiously)

Seriously though. Who doesn’t love crossing off items on their to-do list? Break your big projects into bite-size ones and cross them off as you go. Pro tip: make your to-do list the night before, that way you wake up knowing exactly what needs to be done and it’ll be smooth sailing from there.  

Ask for Feedback

Not to brag, but this tip is genius. Ask for feedback from your boss! If your given great feedback, this can motivate you to keep up the great work. Not-so-great feedback? That’s okay, too! This will motivate you to get started on a few projects you may have been slacking on. 

Bribe Yourself

This may be one of our personal favorites if we’re being honest. Celebrate your small victories! Pick a few dreaded tasks and reward yourself for completing them. For example, did you finally complete the paperwork you’ve been putting off? Great! Grab yourself an ice cream cone on the way home from work. 

Take Breaks (when you can) 

When you’re overwhelmed with tasks and can’t seem to find your center, take a break. It may sound counterintuitive, but 5 minutes is all you need to refocus and get the motivation you need to take on your day! 

Think About Your Impact

Take a step back and think about how your job impacts others. Do you take the pressure off another department? Or do you directly influence someone else’s life? Whatever the case may be, big or small, your job has an impact. Remembering this when we feel unmotivated can make all the difference. 

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