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Make the Switch

With national unemployment rates at their lowest point since 1969, finding the right talent for your organization has become increasingly difficult on HR departments that are already spread too thin.

Let’s face it, finding talent is hard. Between reviewing applications, interviewing candidates, and all of the other responsibilities that come with onboarding, there’s no wonder why 25% of mid-sized companies are shifting to contingent positions this year alone.

There are other reasons for this shift.  Research shows 55% of working professionals are more open to non-traditional work arrangements than ever before. This shift has caused a huge impact on how companies acquire talent, as they can no longer thrive through the use of traditional techniques.

WSI has been following this trend over recent years and has partnered with our customers to provide them with flexible staffing models, allowing workers to enjoy more flexibility.

The benefits to our customers have been significant.  A successful total talent management strategy model (TMSM) creates an agile workforce that allows our client partners the ability to focus on the value that a worker provides, rather than their employment status. A Randstad survey of 400 organizations who adopted a TMSM,  found 96% were “extremely” or “very satisfied” with the results.

The top benefits listed were:

  1. Bringing strategic planning into the HR function (45%)
  2. Achieving a competitive advantage through attracting and engaging higher-quality talent (44%)
  3. Improving their employer brand (42%)

With that being said, to ensure a successful TMSM, it’s important to have the right partner. At WSI, we are nationally recognized for our ability to identify, onboard and retain the right people for our clients.