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WSI Blogs - They say you have a bad reputation

They Say You’ve Got a Bad Reputation

Online reputation monitoring is a real thing. An important thing. Not only do you want your customers to give you great reviews, but have you ever thought about what your employees and former employees are saying? Everyone has access at their fingertips to check out your company – and what your online reputation is saying about your company culture, management, and work environment is just as important as your product and service quality.

I spent less than 15 minutes online and was able to get a few reviews of businesses right here in Grand Rapids:

  • “No matter how good of a worker you are, you will be degraded and talked to like you are trash.”
  • “I wouldn’t recommend anyone to work here. I’m happy I got out of such a toxic work environment!”
  • “The building IS filthy all the time, so you don’t have to worry about keeping it clean.”

Those reviews could very well be about your company. Even if they’re not, they should make you sit up and take notice. And while it’s easy to shrug off reviews like these as only being written by disgruntled or “bad” employees, we’ve found that people feel emboldened to really speak their minds – whether true or slightly inaccurate –  when they’re behind the safety of their screens. Often, they do. not. hold. back.

Negative comments are just as powerful as positive ones like these:

  • “Place of employment: good company to work for, good people and benefits.”
  • “A great company that cares about its products and people. First class all the way!!!!”
  • “I have been here for almost 2 years and I love it. I have great co-workers and great bosses. They really go above and beyond for everyone.”

Which ones would you rather have future employees read about your business?

The goods news is, your online reputation can be helped. First, you need to figure out what kinds of stories and experiences you’d ideally want people to share with the world, especially with future employees. Then you build and maintain a work environment that supports those experiences. That makes it easier for the final step, which is make it easy for others to tell your story in a positive, organic light.

At WSI, we work with our client partners regularly on reputation management initiatives because helping your business tell it’s story is not only our passion, but it also enables us to get the quality associates that you are looking for! Learn more about our staffing solutions and what makes us different at

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