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Are You Prepared for Your First Day on the Job?

Congratulations on your new job! You can never be too prepared for your first day; the better prepared you are, the more comfortable and composed you’ll be. Here are four ways to prepare for your new job.


Be on time

In fact, be early. Fifteen to thirty minutes early. This gives you a cushion in case traffic is worse than you expected. Or you spill orange juice down your shirt 2 minutes before you leave the house. Or something else unforeseen happens to make you late. But if you plan for it, you’ll still be on time! And if you’re early, then you have a few extra minutes to compose yourself—calm, cool, collected—before the day begins.

Get to know your co-workers

You’re about to spend a lot of time with these people, so get to know them! You’ll surely be bombarded with lots of introductions, so be ready with a few sentences explaining who you are, where you’re from and what your new job is. Repeat people’s names to yourself as you meet them so you don’t forget them. Say “yes” if someone offers to take you to lunch, especially if it’s your boss—this is great bonding time!

Pay attention

Here’s where your listening and observing skills come in to play. Learn exactly what your responsibilities are, both written and verbal. Your co-workers can teach you those unwritten workplace rules, what the best forms of communication are, and what’s appropriate and what’s not.

Show your full potential

Show you’re a hard worker, good listener, and are eager to get the job done right. Remember that people are observing you, so demonstrate your enthusiasm and your positive attitude.

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