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Waskar and Alex

5 Reasons to Attend WSI’s Second Summer Palooza

It’s like a job fair, but better. Join us at our Grand Rapids Office on August 12, 2020 from 10 AM – 2 PM for our second Summer Palooza!  Here are 5 reasons why you should attend:  Meet Waskar and AlexOur very own Waskar and Alex will be going live on
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wsi job fair bc

6 Reasons to Attend WSI Battle Creek’s Hiring Event

It’s like a job fair, but better. Join us at our Battle Creek Office on August 5th, 11 am – 6 pm for our huge summer hiring event!  Here are 6 reasons why you should attend:  Meet Sara and JenessaIf you haven’t met Sara or Jenessa yet (pictured above), be
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WSITalent, Getting you back to work

Getting You Back to Work. Safely.

As traffic increases in our offices, WSI wants to assure you that we will continue to take proper precautions to keep you safe.
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Going Back to Work if you Make More on Unemployment

With businesses starting to reopen, many Americans are receiving phone calls from their employers that it’s time to go back to work. For many, the decision seems easy (thanks to the CARES Act enhanced unemployment benefits). “Why would I go back to work when I make more on unemployment?”  It
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Community Resources You Can Use Today

We’ve all heard the adage “Look for the helpers” during times of crisis. Now more than ever, community resources offer the help many of us need thanks to the aftershocks of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you’ve experienced job and income loss, are behind on your rent or utilities, or
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WSI Staffing Blog - our role responsibility covid19

Our Role and Responsibility: Navigating Through Covid-19

We believe it is our role and responsibility during this time to prioritize two things: the health and well-being of our employees and client partners while also playing a constructive role in supporting local health officials and government leaders as they work to contain the virus.  Through that lens, we
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WSI Staffing, Dress for an Interview

How to Dress for a WSI Interview

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WSI Staffing Blog - 5 ways to enjoy referral bonus

5 Ways to Enjoy Your Referral Bonus

Referral Bonus /rəˈfərəl/ /ˈbōnəs/ (noun) An easy way to make $100 dollars.  It’s a simple concept and one of our favorites here at WSI – refer a friend, get $100.  If you have a friend who would be a good fit for our positions – have them apply! If hired, once
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7 Podcasts to Listen to on Your Commute

Commutes can be tough. Not only are you playing mental gymnastics as you think about your tasks for the day, but there’s also the pit of anxiety you feel in your stomach when you try to figure out why it feels like you forgot something. Oh, and the traffic. The
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WSI Staffing Blogs - How to advance your career in manufacturing

How to Advance Your Career in Manufacturing

With 2.7 million baby boomers expected to retire by 2025, this has created a surplus of openings within the manufacturing sector. This is the perfect opportunity for younger workers who have the drive to move up the ladder in this ever-evolving industry.  Here are 3 tips for advancing your manufacturing
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