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WSI Staffing Blogs - 3 ways to refine your employer brand

3 Ways to Refine your Employer Brand Fast

When talent demand is high, employers must have a solid employer brand in place to stand a chance against competitors fishing in the same talent pool. If you want to catch a fish, you better have the most attractive bait. A company’s employer brand is how the company is perceived by prospective employees when they
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wsi staffing blog - blue ocean / red ocean

Jump In, the (Blue) Water is Fine!

In 2005, Professors W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne launched a revelation in business strategy by encouraging companies to evacuate shark infested waters. Sharks? In Michigan? Well – the proverbial shark. Essentially, they are suggesting that companies are better off searching for ways to gain “uncontested market space” (referred to
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WSI Staffing Blog - 10 Activities to Do After Work

10 Activities to Do After Work

Some people have developed a habit of flopping on the couch after work to binge-watch their favorite Netflix series while eating dinner at the coffee table until it’s time to go to bed.. (It’s us – we’re some people.) As it turns out, the most productive people have unique strategies
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Staffing Providers: Creating the Perfect Partnership

In today’s talent market, it’s tough to find good workers – but this is especially true in manufacturing. According to last quarter’s NAM Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey, finding a qualified workforce continues to be the greatest challenge faced by manufacturers, with 69.9 percent of respondents citing it as the primary challenge
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WSI Staffing Blog - Make the Switch

Make the Switch

Make the Switch With national unemployment rates at their lowest point since 1969, finding the right talent for your organization has become increasingly difficult on HR departments that are already spread too thin. Let’s face it, finding talent is hard. Between reviewing applications, interviewing candidates, and all of the other
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