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Roskam Hiring Event April 27th

ROSKAM HIRING EVENTRoskam Baking Company will be hosting a hiring event on April 27th, 2022. [Kentwood, MI:] WSI (Workforce Strategies, Inc.), an award-winning and staffing agency, will be hosting an
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How to Help Aging Workers and Your Business

Hiring reliable older workers benefits your business more than you can imagine.
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How to Make Friends with a Robot

Preparing for the eventual overthrow of the human race Experts agree that robotics and AI are the drivers of oncoming Industrial Revolution 4.0, so positioning yourself as a professional will
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Five Ways to Improve Your Employment in 2022

Easy tips and advice to get more of that money and personal satisfaction If you’ve made the resolution to improve your employment in 2022, congratulations! Whether it’s a new job
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chalkboard with a message: top ten non monetary ways to reward employees this holdiay season

Top Ten Non-Monetary Ways to Reward Employees

TOP TEN NON-MONETARY WAYS TO REWARD EMPLOYEES THIS HOLIDAY SEASON If you ask an older generation, they’ll tell you all about the “Christmas Bonus.” In a bygone era, the employee-employer
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