Tips to Ensure Your Resume Shows Your Experience

Employers ask for resumes because they want to review your work history, so it’s important to get it right. In general, keep the layout consistent and easy to read. Show your potential employers that you pay attention to detail. Don’t use first person, and use present tense for your current job but past tense for previous jobs. Here are five other guidelines to show off your experience on your resume.

It should tell a story

Whatever you call it—work experience, employment history—it should be the first section on your resume and should be a highlight reel of your best accomplishments. Start with your current job and list everything in reverse chronological order. Under each job, summarize your responsibilities and achievements. Six bullet points per job is plenty, remember that you don’t want your resume to exceed two pages.

It should be relevant

Experience is important, but you don’t need to show your entire work history. Jobs have changed so much that experience more than ten years old is irrelevant. If you stretch too far back, you risk seeming ancient, which means you might not be up-to-date with the latest technology. So brag about your technological aptitude and make sure your language is current.

No need to include jobs in high school or those random filler jobs you had unless it leaves huge holes in your resume.

Keep a master list

Keep a master list of all jobs you’ve had so that when you’re tailoring your resume you can pick and choose accordingly. The list should include every job—full time, part time, temp positions, internships, work studies, self-employment, and independent projects. For each one, include your duties and achievements. You won’t include all that on the resume you circulate, but this is a resource for your memory.

Highlight your accomplishments

Emphasize your accomplishments, not years of experience. Think about when you’ve impacted revenue, minimized costs, won an award or received a promotion. Use action verbs and quantifying points—brag about the fact that you helped the company cut back manufacturing time by 30% or that you supervised a team of twelve people. Numbers attract attention, so use them whenever you can. If possible, repeat phrases and language from the description of the job you’re applying for.

If you lack experience

If you lack serious experience because you’re a student or you’re new to the workforce, you can list volunteer positions, roles in student organizations, or group projects. Label it “other experience” because it’s not really professional experience.

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Critical Tips for Getting Into Your Next Management Role

Obtaining a management position is all about attitude and willingness to do more than what’s in your job description. Managers handle external relationships, budgets, contracts, negotiations, goal-setting, difficult conversations, and managing teams. Aside from being a master of communication, you need to be the one going above and beyond to move up. Here are a few critical tips to make sure you reach a management role.

Make a development plan

Managers need to be great planners anyway, so let the practice begin! Find out what managers do, watch the ones around you closely, and ask questions. Read books on leadership and management and research management job descriptions. Know what requirements your company looks for and what gaps you have on your resume. Is there any additional training you need?

Develop people skills

Learn how people think, react, and function when challenged or incentivized with rewards or other outside forces. Respect people and learn how to work with them, not forcing them to do things.

Look to impress

Work with your manager to identify areas where you can expand your responsibilities. Be on the lookout for projects and tasks that will get you noticed by higher-ups in other parts of the company. Management is best learned by doing, so start taking on small management opportunities whenever you can.

Show initiative

Volunteer to help your boss in any way you can without letting your current job suffer. Be a problem solver. Be proactive and express interest in a management role. Even if you don’t get it right away, they can at least keep you in mind the next time a position opens up.

Understand the whole company

Don’t limit what you know and do to simplify your role. Volunteer to help your boss prepare the budget or collect necessary information. Offer to help so you can learn what other departments do, what could be done more efficiently, and about the company’s overall health. The more you know and understand how the company functions, the better prepared you’ll be to make decisions about it—or at least answer questions about it in an interview!

Tailor your resume

You might need to completely rewrite your resume to tailor it to a role with additional responsibilities. Highlight your professional training, qualifications, and achievements. Include instances where your role has been expanded into additional responsibilities. Use numbers whenever possible to quantify your achievements

Nail your interview

Show off your communication and people skills with handshakes, smiles, and professional, considerate responses! Managers have to be experienced, so you’ll probably be asked about past situations. Expect questions about when you’ve delegated work, made unpopular decisions and managed people, projects, or budgets.

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Soft Skills You Need to Master Before Your Next Interview

Soft skills help you land a job! They’re hard to measure and can’t be listed on a resume, but they usually show up—or don’t—in an interview. These are the skills that help you develop relationships with co-workers and customers, and can set you apart when it’s time for promotion. The truth is a lot of employers care more about your ability to communicate, work with others, think on your feet and work hard than qualifications and experience. Skills and licensures can be taught, but attitude cannot!


Express yourself clearly in both oral and written communication. You can handle emails, phone calls and in-person interviews in a kind and professional manner, but also know which method you’re most comfortable with. In person, use eye contact, a firm handshake, speak up and exude just the right amount of confidence to show you take pride in your work without seeming arrogant.

With communication comes effective conflict resolution. It’s key to developing relationships with peers and managers to maintain a healthy, collaborative workplace. It’s also a sign of maturity and good leadership.

Critical thinking

Companies are looking for someone who can solve problems, take action and think on his feet. Convey that you know how to be part of the solution, without adding to a problem. One way to show off your good judgment is simply to show up to the interview on time and wearing appropriate attire.


Your company’s success depends on everyone blending their talents and working together for a common goal. Show you’re flexible and open to new ideas and approaches. Welcome suggestions and mention that you appreciate the importance of diversity in the workplace.


A positive attitude is really important to hiring managers because it’s contagious in the workplace. Express that you’re willing to accept challenges and handle obstacles gracefully. Instead of getting frustrated or complaining, you should be able to find alternate solutions to rapid, unavoidable changes and help your colleagues adjust.

Work ethic

A strong work ethic is part of your character and not always something a manager can train you to have. Show that you have a history of being productive, reliable, diligent, proactive, always looking for more efficient opportunities. Research the company’s mission and values, and mention them with reverence during the interview to demonstrate that you’ll be loyal to them.

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What Skilled Trades Will Be Hot in 2018

The best positions in 2018 will be jobs that still aren’t automated, They’re for highly skilled workers and require people to really be experts in their fields. They’re likely to continue being resistant to automation, providing good income and future prospects for many years.

Machine Operators

Machine operators, or machinists, work with heavy machinery—either setting it up or actually operating it. They use computers to control the equipment and make sure they’re working well and well-maintained. Certification is sometimes required, but you at least need some vocational school or community college, an apprenticeship, and some on the job training. Machine operators need to have math and problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and some analytical skills to read blueprints, schematics, and CAD/CAM technology. The broader your training is and the more diverse your skills are, the more employable you’ll be—especially if you’re comfortable with technology and computers.


Welding and ironworking jobs are expected to increase more and more by 2024. They require apprenticeships and specialized training and sometimes a two-year or technical degree. But they earn an average of more than $50,000 per year.


Mason construction jobs are booming, and brickmasons and blockmasons also earn an average of more than $50,000 per year. Technical degrees and apprenticeship experience will bump that salary up even more. Cement mason and concrete finishers generally earn a little less, but technical degrees usually aren’t required—just an apprenticeship and some specialized training.


Not only do plumbers fix the pipes and gift us with flush toilets, but they also have to be experts in natural gas fittings. Thank your plumbers! They keep us clean and warm and those positions are always in demand. Plumbers need to be detail-oriented, and be licensed and apprenticed.


Electricians have long apprenticeships and also require licensures, but they’re always needed, especially as our world becomes more and more digitalized. We can all live without lights for a few hours, but could we really survive without Wi-Fi? Electricians need to be able to read blueprints, install and repair wiring, and diagnose problems.

Related to electricians are more specialized positions such as elevator repairmen and HVAC technicians. These people, who install and repair heating and cooling units, generally need two years in trade school and then an apprenticeship.

Heavy equipment operator

The demand for operating engineers is expected to continue to grow. Since this equipment is dangerous to operate, workers will need extensive training, which is usually provided by the employer, for each different machine. But the pay is decent and the experience and expertise is valuable!


Most carpenters find work in residential building jobs, but there are always commercial and industrial sites that need workers, too, as building never seems to stop! Demand is especially high in areas that have been ravaged by natural disasters such as hurricanes and wildfires. The more technical education and apprenticeships carpenters have under their belts, the greater their pay will be.

Drivers and Warehouse Associates

Even as many jobs are becoming automated, freight still needs to travel from one place to another, so jobs that involve handling freight and stock to and from warehouses or retailers are still expected to increase in the coming year.  

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Marysville Christmas Walk & Tree Lighting

An annual tradition, Uptown Christmas Walk offers Marysville residents a fun-filled evening of holiday joy and magic. Held annually on the first Monday following Thanksgiving, the Uptown Christmas Walk has brought families together for generations. Visitors enjoy live reindeer, children’s activities, dance troupes and musical performers, horse-drawn carriage rides, and even photos with Saint Nick himself at Santa’s Village.

As dusk settles, the countdown begins as the switch is flipped on the giant Marysville Community Christmas Tree at Partners Park. And for those looking for holiday gift ideas, many of the Uptown merchants remain open throughout the evening, offering coffee, cookies, and special discounts.

Plan to stop by the WSI Marysville office to decorate sugar cookies, sip some hot cocoa, and meet the friendly faces that everyone is talking about.

Date: Monday, November 27, 2017
Time: 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Location: Partners Park, 125 E. 6th St, Marysville, OH 43030

We hope to see you there!

WSI Supports Hurricane Harvey Victims

WSI teams up with other Best & Brightest companies to assist in the effort of humanitarian aid.

The WSI Marysville team filled a cart of needed supplies for hurricane relief efforts.

Know what’s awesome about being part of the Best & Brightest family? The camaraderie among companies not just on a professional level, but a personal level.

Like many across the nation, WSI staff felt helpless watching Hurricane Harvey wreak havoc in Texas, with Irma fast on its heels. “Many of us wanted to help families affected by the devastation, but we didn’t know how,” shared Lauren Rogalski, WSI Culture Manager. “So when the Best and Brightest team sent out a call for action, we knew this was our chance.”

That call for action came as an email from Jennifer Kluge, CEO Best and Brightest Programs:

“On behalf of the Best and Brightest Companies to Work For, we have activated our Emergency Relief program to help those stricken by the recent Hurricane in Texas.  We have several entities needing our help including a large school district in Houston. In addition, we are closely monitoring the situation in Florida to see what future relief will be needed.

We will be updating the list of needs… for many weeks to come. Here we have a full list of current needs and where you can send supplies and relief. Today, I sat on a Board of Advisors phone call with our friends in Houston and Dallas and it was heart wrenching the impact of these floods.  I am sad to say that many areas are still flooding due to the managed release of water from the reservoirs. 

Please join us in supporting the needs of these businesses and partners to our organization by donating product to these individuals. Shipping instructions are included in our link. Our team will be managing the many lists of needs with those that can provide. 

The difference here, is that we have vetted out these specific needs and we know they will be going directly to those impacted. Please do what you can.”

Rogalski quickly reached out to WSI staff with the opportunity, coordinating donations of toiletries, non-perishable food, water, towels, blankets, money, and Amazon gift cards for KIPP Houston Public Schools and Irving Cares relief efforts. “I’m so proud of our company for stepping up, and to be part of the Best and Brightest family,” she said. “It’s a great feeling knowing you helped another human being in a time of need.”

WSI Job Fairs: Ohio

Mark your calendars for these upcoming job fairs in Urbana and London, Ohio

Come meet the Marysville WSI team for open interviews throughout the month of September. Bring a friend and learn about our $100 referral bonus! Can’t make it? No problem – learn more about us and apply online at

Tuesday, September 12
Champaign County Job and Family Services
1512 South US Highway 68, Suite N100, Urbana, OH 43078
11 am – 2 pm

Wednesday, September 13
Madison County Job and Family Services
200 Midway St., London, OH 43140
11:30 am – 2:30 pm

Please contact the Marysville office with any questions.

WSI Collecting Book Donations For United Way

New or used books can be dropped off at WSI’s Kalamazoo office through September 21.

The Kalamazoo WSI team is helping United Way reach their goal of 15,000 donated new or gently used children’s books for kindergarten through 3rd grade readers. Why? Because children who read well tend to succeed in school.

Through September 21, WSI is joining other area businesses, schools, and nonprofits to collect donations for the United Way Children’s Book Drive which aims to get kids excited about reading by making sure they have access to diverse, interesting, and newer titles that will excite them.

“Through third grade, kids are learning to read. After that, they’re reading to learn,” said Jennifer Nottingham, Associate Director of Community Impact for UWBCKR. “Children that are unable to read by the end of third grade are four to six times more likely to drop out of high school. We’re determined to make sure every child has the resources to read well by that critical point.”

“We’re excited to take part in the book drive,” says Lauren Rogalski, WSI Culture Manager. “Staff have already started bringing gently used books from home and as a company, we’ve committed to buying additional new books from their wish list.”

Read more about the United Way Book Drive, including other ways to contribute and additional donation drop-off sites, at

WSI Accelerates Growth, Opens New Office In Ohio

The Michigan-based staffing and recruiting firm has opened an office in Marysville, Ohio.

MARYSVILLE, OH (August 10, 2017) – Workforce Strategies, Inc., an award-winning staffing and recruiting firm, has expanded into the Ohio market and established an office in Marysville. Headquartered in southwest Michigan, this new office marks the fifth WSI location in the US.

While new to the area, WSI is no stranger to the staffing and recruiting industry. Prior to forming WSI in 2001, President/CEO Jeff O’Brien was a partner in a Midwest law firm specializing in business transaction law and supporting the growth efforts of highly entrepreneurial companies. In 16 years, he’s built a leadership team that shares his passion for excellence, positivity, and growth.

“The demand for innovative and dedicated management of contingent workforces is constantly growing and evolving, which means we’re always growing and evolving, too,” said Steve Beebe, WSI Vice President. “We’re an award-winning firm because we understand the power of a positive and fulfilling workplace and harness that for internal and external success.”

The awards he’s referring to are the Best & Brightest® Companies to Work For (both in the Nation and in West Michigan) and Inavero’s Best of Staffing® awards – something that only 2% of staffing firms in the US and Canada receive. Most recently, WSI made Forbes Best Professional Recruiting Firms 2017 list, coming in at 30 out of 200.

Beebe also credits the company’s growth to WSI’s internal marketing team – something rare among the staffing industry. “With our in-house marketing and branding capabilities, our team can do it all. We’re proud to offer that innovative piece of staffing and recruitment to our clients as well, and have found that to be a very attractive component to our client partnerships.”

WSI has partnered with Stratosphere Quality, the largest global provider of quality assurance and outsourcing solutions to manufacturers of parts and components in the automotive, medical device, and large equipment industry, to manage their growing temporary staffing needs in Marysville, Indiana, and Michigan. “We look forward to being a key partner in Stratosphere’s growth and success, as well as growing our overall footprint throughout Ohio,” stated Beebe.

WSI’s office is located in the Marysville Entrepreneurial Center, 129 North Main Street, and can be reached at (937) 240-4203 during regular business hours (Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm). Interested candidates are encouraged to visit to learn more about job opportunities and apply online.

WSI Welcomes New VP Talent Acquisition

Sara Blow will lead the Professional Recruiting division with more than 15 years of diverse experience.

Kalamazoo, MI (DECEMBER 1, 2016) – Workforce Strategies, Inc. (WSI), an award-winning staffing and recruiting firm, announces that Toronto native Sara Blow has been hired as Vice President Talent Acquisition.

Prior to joining WSI, Blow managed a regional branch for a worldwide staffing firm, led the business development for a full-service staffing and recruiting firm, and held various senior HR leadership roles with major automotive manufacturers.

Based in WSI’s headquarters in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Blow will focus on building and further developing the firm’s professional recruiting division. With a team of outstanding professional recruiters and Blow’s extensive 15 years’ experience in talent acquisition, business development, and human resources, WSI’s professional recruiting division is poised for rapid regional growth.

“WSI not only has a solid reputation in staffing but also has proven success in professional recruiting. It’s no secret that it’s a challenge to recruit for technical, skilled, and professional roles,” Blow said. “I’m looking forward to developing partnerships with organizations to address the talent shortages and attract top talent not only to SW Michigan, but nationwide.”

“We’re very fortunate to have Sara on board,” said Jeff O’Brien, WSI President and CEO. “She has extensive HR and business management experience in various manufacturing and corporate environments, making her an extremely versatile asset to our professional recruiting efforts.”