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Roskam Hiring Event April 27th

ROSKAM HIRING EVENTRoskam Baking Company will be hosting a hiring event on April 27th, 2022. [Kentwood, MI:] WSI (Workforce Strategies, Inc.), an award-winning and staffing agency, will be hosting an
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woman in glasses hires man and shakes his hand

Five Ways to Speed Up Your Hiring Process

Ten days. That’s how fast you, as an employer, have to hire for a position if you want to catch the top talent in your industry. Of course, there is
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Is The Great Resignation Over?

Projections for the 2022 unemployment rate are holding steady and experts predict we will be back at pre-pandemic employment levels by midsummer. Better than expected job growth is showing signs
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Careers In Less Than A Year

If you’re looking for ways to expand your skill set and grow in your manufacturing career, many of WSI’s assignments offer opportunities for growth. From GED courses to career development
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finding employment with a criminal record

Finding Employment Opportunities With a Criminal Record

Opinions and biases are changing towards those with felony convictions re-entering the workforce. According to a study from the Charles Koch Institute, over 80% of managers and two-thirds of HR professionals felt that workers with criminal records bring just as much (or greater) value to an organization as workers without records.
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