Why is American Manufacturing Surging? Unpacking the 2024 Boom

a microchip in the center of the action with an american flag imprinted on it. factories dot the landscape with light beams pointing inward

Discover how U.S. manufacturing’s surprising growth is shaping the future, driving innovation, and setting global economic trends.

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Lack of Labor: Can America Fill Its Factories?

a sparsley populated factory in blue and orange tones. in the forefront is a help wanted sign.

As Michigan experiences a significant resurgence in manufacturing jobs, factory leaders and HR professionals are at a pivotal crossroads. The challenge? Addressing the stark workforce gap that threatens to slow this industrial reawakening.

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Ford Pauses Marshall EV Plant: Six Signs It’s Only Temporary

downtown marshall michigan

Ford’s $3.5 billion EV battery plant in Marshall faces uncertainty amid the UAW strike. Despite the recently announced pause, Michigan’s manufacturing industry remains resilient, boasting a skilled workforce, innovation, and a commitment to securing its place in the electric vehicle revolution. Confidence in the state’s future endures.

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