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WSI Staffing Blog - Turnover is a symptom not a diagnosis

Turnover is a symptom, not a diagnosis

While turnover is an important metric, it often doesn’t paint the bigger picture when it comes to KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). High turnover is just one of the many symptoms
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WSI Staffing Blogs - 3 ways to refine your employer brand

3 Ways to Refine your Employer Brand Fast

When talent demand is high, employers must have a solid employer brand in place to stand a chance against competitors fishing in the same talent pool. If you want to catch a fish,
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wsi staffing blog - blue ocean / red ocean

Jump In, the (Blue) Water is Fine!

In 2005, Professors W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne launched a revelation in business strategy by encouraging companies to evacuate shark infested waters. Sharks? In Michigan? Well – the proverbial
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Staffing Providers: Creating the Perfect Partnership

In today’s talent market, it’s tough to find good workers – but this is especially true in manufacturing. According to last quarter’s NAM Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey, finding a qualified workforce
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WSI Staffing Blog - Make the Switch

Make the Switch

Make the Switch With national unemployment rates at their lowest point since 1969, finding the right talent for your organization has become increasingly difficult on HR departments that are already
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WSI Blogs - They say you have a bad reputation

They Say You’ve Got a Bad Reputation

Online reputation monitoring is a real thing. An important thing. Not only do you want your customers to give you great reviews, but have you ever thought about what your
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Cheap Tattoo

There’s Always A Cheaper Option

When it comes to business decisions – and especially in staffing – the cheapest option is not always your best option. Hunting for bargains. Shopping sales. Last minute deals. The
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5 Things Your Staffing Agency Should Be Doing

“It just feels different.” We hear this from our clients time and time again who have worked with other staffing firms in the past.  What makes us different than other staffing agencies is our purpose-driven strategy for recruiting and managing their temporary workforce. 
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WSI Staffing Blog - Meet Jeff Harp

Staff Spotlight – Jeff Harp

Join us this month as we dig a little deeper into the life of our very own Jeff Harp. Jeff has done great things for our Marysville Branch and even though his dreams of being a Professional Golfer didn't pan out, we're glad he ended up with us. Let's get started!
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WSI Staffing Blog - CBD in the Workplace

CBD in the Workplace

There’s no denying that CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of the biggest buzzwords of the year. It’s being sold everywhere we turn and is in everything we buy (or so it seems). Although it’s infiltrating the wellness world, it’s still a confusing topic for many when it comes to pre-employment drug screens. To clear up any confusion, here’s a breakdown: 
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